Doing is an action.
An action that when it becomes repeated, continuous, it becomes an attitude.
The attitude of MAKING.

If at some point the world had been divided between thinkers and doers, the reality is not like that.

Upside, the activist characters, people of action, people PROaction, people of doing,...

There is something to test, to prototype, to be always in false, in the famous doubt mode system by Oscar Wilde, but in the reality.

From a constant doing, and to jump from the most intuitive reality into the most electric matter.

Also it is important to be the first observer, the first experimenter, the first positive victim of your space-gadgets.

Also it is important the so famous teamwork, to create a team sweating together is certainly effective.

But also how to become human doing, doing stupidity, or perhaps it is not stupidity, that are naive or intuitive things, or perhaps the intuition with circles makes them very very concentrated, focused and crucial things, with a great precision and detail.

Enric Ruiz-Geli

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