• Mostra Internazionale di architectura 13th Biennale di Venezia 2012, Venice


  • Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea
  • Energy Environment Experience towards Empathy, Galería Gloria, Madrid
  • Brit Insurance Designs Awards of the Year, Design Museum, London
  • A City called Spain, AECID Ministry, Moscow, Russia
  • A City called Spain, AECID Ministry, Athens, Greece
  • Villa Nurbs, Santa&Cole, Madrid


  • Audi Urban Future Award, Building a Vision for 2030, Venice Biennale 2010, Venice
  • Catalan Architecture 2004-2009, Architectural Biennale Lima, Perú
  • Catalan Architecture 2004-2009, Congress Palace Medellín, Iberoamerican Architectural Biennale


  • Catalan Architecture 2004-2009, Cité de l’Architecture, Paris
  • 10th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Bienniale
  • Villa Nurbs: Ceramics and Architecture, Museum of Ceramics, Palau Reial de Pedralbes, Icub, Barcelona
  • Exposición "Arquitectura Catalana 2004-2009", maqueta del Media-TIC, Paris, 2009
  • A Green New Deal... from Geopolitics to Biosphere Politics, Cristina Enea Foundation, San Sebastian
    Cristina Enea - San Sebastian Cristina Enea - San Sebastian
    Photographs: www.mariluzvidal.com
  • A Green New Deal... from Geopolitics to Biosphere Politics, Centre Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona
    Santa M¨®nica Museum - Barcelona Santa M¨®nica Museum - Barcelona
    Photographs: Nora Graw
  • Enric Ruiz-Geli: A Green New Deal... Cloud 9, Fuzzy Boundaries, UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Perloff Hall, Los Angeles
    UCLA- Los Angeles
    Photographs: Elan Lipson


  • Barcelona Projects: Building the Future, at The Octagon Museum, American Architectural Foundation, Washington
  • Patent Constructions. New Catalonian Architecture, at DAM, Frankfurt and the Swedish Museum of Architecture, Stockholm
  • Barcelona Meeting Point, Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona
  • Dreamland - Architectural Experiments since the 1970s, MoMA, New York
  • 3rd Biennale of Contemporary Art in Sevilla, at CAAC - Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, YOUniverse, Sevilla
    Bienal Sevilla 09 Bienal Sevilla 09
    Photographs: Edouard Cabay
  • Out There: Architecture Beyond Building. Mostra Internazionale di architectura, 11th Biennale di Venezia 2008, Padiglione Italia, Venice
    With a record number of visitors for the Architecture Biennale: 129,323 visitors, with a daily average of 1,827
    Venice Biennal 2008
    Photographs: Luis Ros
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  • New Trends in Architecture in Europe and Asia, Patras, Tokyo, Melbourne, Perth, Barcelona, Luxembourg
  • Patent Constructions - New Catalonian Architecture, Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt
  • New World Architecture, Chicago, London, Brussels, Florence, NY
  • Villa Nurbs, GA Houses Gallery, Tokio



  • Les temps des Lumières, Nancy, France


  • Open Borders, cultural capital Lille, France
  • Delimiter, Museu Empordà, Figueres.


  • Spanish Pavilion at V Biennale of Architecture, São Paulo
  • Cidade 10, Cooperation, Design and Coordination of Workshop together with Institute Tomie Ohtake, Abrinq and Sandoval Roig Foundation at V Biennale of Architecture São Paulo
  • HiperCat, MACBA, Barcelona


  • Archilab, Frac Center, Orleans


  • Venice Biennale of Architecture, Venice
  • Spek, Metrònom, Barcelona
  • Beauty, Avignon, France


  • Spek, Aedes East Gallery, Berlin
  • Spek, Ministerio de Fomento, Madrid


  • Collective Exhibitions ant Arc, Reve-Bourdaux