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Busan Park

Cloud 9 makes an architecture that is related to nature.
A forest is a biotope, in other words a biological community. It is consisting of a Flora and a Fauna: a vegetal world and an animal world, which coexist in a system that performs itself: trees and plants are like a factory of oxygen in which different animal species cohabit and create biodiversity.

The forest was hurt, the ecosystem of the forest has been lost. We want to develop an architecture which will bring back biodiversity.
A zoo is a place for: Conservation, Education and Research.
Architecture can add to nature. We think of sustainability, green architecture, renewable energies.

Our architecture is determined to explore the relationship between artificial and natural landscape. The idea of the life within the architecture. From an architectural point of view, we imagine a metal structure that is not rigid and stereometric but organic, natural and alluding to nature not just because of its form but also from the life that it contains within it.

The Kids zone is an area for playing. Play for children, where adults look, take part, but also play. Playing means using our senses, our eyes, our ears, our body. It means sounds, music, light, colors, the space has to perform.
Technology wants to support the experience of playing. it’s age, it’s name, it’s environment.
We want the Kids Land of the Zoo to be a videogame-like area where physical experiences are supported by technological additions, interactive installations, digital information monitoring, musical events. Korea has an important culture of technology, we want to use this culture to reinforce the experience.
The trees of the Kids Land will be natural trees, but their leafs could be artificial. Leafs that collect energy from the sun during the day and emit it as light during the night.

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At Cloud 9 Office: Tecmolde, Cloud 9, Admira, Burés
Cloud 9, Amatria, BEC
Team Team_Building site
Team at The Park Office. Busan, Korea, Team at the Building Site. Busan, Korea
Busan park Busan park Busan park

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